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Download for Free: Windows 7, XP, 2003, 2008

How it Works

Data Assurance Plan: Automatic Cloud Backup

  1. Install the iSmartDDS software on your computer.
  2. Register and activate your new account.
  3. Choose the files you want to back up:
    • Advanced, Premium, and Ultimate users: We will ship you a complimentary hard drive for your initial backup. Once you receive this, a live support technician will guide you through setup. Send the hard drive back, and you're done!
    • Basic users:
      1. Click iSmart Setup.
      2. Choose from the defaults for your dental software or click Other to add your own files.
  4. Enjoy automatic daily backups! You will receive a daily email confirmation that the backup was successful.

Emergency Server: 24/7 Live Tech Support

  1. Send us a support ticket.
  2. Within one hour, a live support technician will give you instructions for how to connect to the virtual workstation.

Billing, scheduling, patient information, and patient treatment history will be available immediately when you access the virtual workstation. Dental imaging may take a few hours to be fully available.

Backup to the Cloud

Data Restoration

After the Emergency Server is live (or in non-urgent situations), you have three options to restore backed-up data to your local computer:

  1. Live Support: A real person will guide you through how to restore your files through remote assistance.
  2. Ship a Hard Drive: We will ship you a hard drive with all of your files. This option works well if you have your own IT staff or technical knowledge.
  3. Information Guide: Access step-by-step directions for how to restore your files on your own.