On-demand, smart data restoration in one hour or less.

Data Assurance Plan: Automatic Cloud Backup

Give yourself peace of mind with industry-leading solutions customized for your dental practice.

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  • 20GB
  • Best for:
    Practitioners who do not use digital imaging


  • 100GB
  • Best for:
    Practitioners who use 2D imaging


  • 500GB
  • Best for:
    Practitioners who use extensive 3D imaging

On-Demand Server: Emergency Tech Support, 24/7

You've experienced a disaster or your building is completely inaccessible from the outside. But you need to access your data immediately. Any time of the day or night, our IT experts will set up a virtual workstation so that within one hour, you can access billing, scheduling, patient information, and patient treatment history. As long as you have a computer with an internet connection, you can access all of your backed up files* exactly as they were during the previous night.

* Supported software: OrthoII, Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Softdent, Dolphin, Oasys, ACE